OhioEMIn 2002 Ohio enacted their codified Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact. It automatically enrolls political subdivisions unless they pass a declaration not to participate. This compact is considered by many to be a model example of how an intrastate compact should work.


Enacted: 2006

Compact Type: Codified

Compact Name: R.C. § 5502.41, Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact

Opt in/ Opt out: Opt out

Intrastate Mutual Aid Committee: No

Reimbursement/Payment: Receiving

Workers Comp: Sending

Liability: Sending

Operational Command and Control:  Split — sending has administrative control (i.e. protocols and procedures), but receiving has operational control

Credentialing: Yes

Time in Effect: Emergency Declaration or Training

Home Rule or Dillon’s Rule: Home Rule

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