LouisianaEMIn 2010, Louisiana codified their Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact as part of the Louisiana Homeland Security and Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act.  Although the compact is silent on the subject of reimbursement, its language implies that the receiving party will be responsible for costs incurred.

Enacted: 2010

Compact Type: Codified

Compact Name: LSA-R.S. 29:739, Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact

Opt in/Opt out: Opt out

Intrastate Mutual Aid Committee: Yes

Reimbursement/Payment: Silent, but implies that receiving party will reimburse

Workers Comp: Sending

Liability: Respective

Operational Command and Control: Split — sending has administrative control (i.e. protocols and procedures), but receiving has operational control

Credentialing: Yes

Time in Effect: At all times

Home Rule or Dillon’s Rule: Home Rule, except Dillon’s Rule applies to charter municipalities established before 1974

Last updated: December 10, 2013 at 13:34 pm