ArizonaEMIn 2008 the State of Arizona along with the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs created the Arizona Mutual Aid Compact. This compact requires political jurisdictions to submit a consent form to enroll, with a provision to opt out at any time. The compact is set to expire 10 years from its creation.


Enacted: 2008

Compact Type: Separate Compact

Compact Name: Arizona Mutual Aid Compact

Opt in/Opt out: Opt in

Intrastate Mutual Aid Committee: No

Reimbursement/Payment:  Receiving, if the sending party declares its intent to seek reimbursement prior to responding to the request for assistance

Workers Comp: Sending

Liability: Respective

Operational Command and Control: Split — sending has administrative control (i.e. protocols and procedures), but receiving has operational control

Credentialing: No

Time in Effect: At all times, once adopted by resolution and executed by the jurisdiction’s governing body and until terminated

Home Rule or Dillon’s Rule: Dillon’s Rule

Last updated: December 10, 2013 at 13:28 pm