FloridaEMIn 2007, Florida enacted its current Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement. This separate compact requires participating parties to submit a form to enroll by very specific groups, such as: counties, cities, educational districts, community colleges or state universities, special districts, authorities, and community development districts.

Enacted: 2000, modified in 2007

Compact Type: Separate Compact

Compact Name: Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement

Opt in/Opt out: Opt in

Intrastate Mutual Aid Committee: No

Reimbursement/Payment: Receiving

Workers Comp: Sending

Liability: Sending

Operational Command and Control: Sending

Credentialing: Silent

Time in Effect: Emergency Declaration

Home Rule or Dillon’s Rule:  Unclear — conflicting statutes

Last updated: December 10, 2013 at 13:30 pm